Online Marketing for Small Businesses

Do you need help marketing your small business online? Need help with building, hosting, or updating your Website? Need help getting listed in Google or understanding who is coming to your Web site? Part of my consulting practice is built around working with small businesses and helping them navigate the basic online marketing steps in a cost-effective manner. The first thing I will do is gain an understanding of your business goals and evaluate your current online presence. From there, I’ll create a prioritized list of tactics that I can execute for you to get your online efforts working more effectively toward your goals, which could include driving traffic, generating leads, branding, and messaging.

Another connected piece of the digital landscape is the presence of social media and how you use it to drive business. I can help you with basic things like setting up a Facebook page, YouTube channel, or Twitter feed. If you already use social media channels, I can help you determine how to use those tools to bring in more customers and measure their effectiveness.

A third piece of the equation involves online business reviews. Do you have a Yelp! business listing or a business listing on Google? These sites, and specifically the reviews on them, can have a massive and direct impact on your small business. You should have a strategy for user reviews and regularly stay engaged with them. I can help you do both.

There are many tactics you can use to improve your business online without a substantial time or cost investment, including:

  • Website design and development
  • Website hosting and backup
  • Updating the content on your Website
  • Maximize effectiveness of your online reviews
  • Tagging online content to be able to track visitors
  • Website traffic monthly reporting
  • Website traffic analysis
  • Creating a strategy for using social media
  • Social media channel reporting and analysis
  • Building/updating social media pages:
    • Yelp!
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+
    • Google business listing
  • Improving your listings in Google, etc.
  • Monthly search ranking report
  • Monthly SEO audit
  • Monthly competitive search analysis
  • Paid search strategy and management
  • Video production and analysis
  • Video hosting
  • Brand reputation monitoring
  • Digital brand expression strategy and management
  • Domain strategy, management, and renewal
  • E-mail marketing
  • Copywriting
  • WordPress and plugin management and maintenance
  • DNS optimization
  • Basic eCommerce setup and management
  • SSL certificates
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