Digital Marketing Strategy and Analysis

Do you have a need for an audit of everything you are doing digitally? Need someone to build your high-level digital strategy, but aren’t sure if you want to add a permanent Director-level position and the six-figure salary to go with it?

North 40 Digital can provide you the digital strategy and analysis  you need without the long-term staffing commitment. I can audit your existing digital strategy and properties and let you know what you are doing well, where you need help, and where you should be spending your time and money. I can turn that digital audit into a complete digital strategy recommendation and either help you with some of the execution or provide you resource recommendations through my network.

Have a specific project you need help with? I have a broad experience range in all aspects of digital marketing and can likely get up to speed quickly and add value to your project.

I can help you achieve your business goals through:

  • Digital ecosystem strategy and management
  • Search engine optimization strategy and tactics
  • Lead generation strategy and execution
  • Expanding your digital footprint
  • Web site and social channel analytics and analysis
  • Social media integration strategy and tactics
  • Community and social channel management
  • Maximize effectiveness of your online reviews
  • Any aspect of your site redesign
  • Usability studies and user research
  • Web site testing
  • Web site tagging
  • Change management process creation and execution for digital content
  • Brand protection/Legal/Trademark issues
  • Domain strategy and management
  • Interactive media strategy
  • Video production and analysis
  • Online chat implementation and management
  • CRM integration
  • Paid search strategy and management
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Digital brand expression strategy and management
  • Day-to-day content management
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